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Luismi & Mariangela

Luismi, originally from Seville, Spain, and Mariangela, from Bari, Italy, are dancers with a solid track record in the field of dance. Although each has cultivated their passion for dance for several years, it was three years ago when their paths significantly intertwined.
Together, Luismi and Mariangela have taken their style of bachata to multiple cities, countries and continents around the world, including Spain, France, Ukraine, Norway, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Albania, Italy, Netherlands,
Malta, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, India, United States and Canada, consolidating themselves as international dancers.
Additionally, Luismi and Mariangela have contributed to the world of music by participating in music videos for world-renowned artists. Among the singers they have worked with are Dani J, Montelier, Joana Santos, Indara, Mayel Jiménez, Willy Mercedes,
Manu González, El acal, Zaira, Ktfive, Fabbio and Sebas Garreta.
Currently, they dedicate all their time and energy to providing training in various corners of the planet.

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